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Julie and the Cursed Ruins

Ссылка на первую главу, продолжение у автора в галерее.

Для разжигания аппетита, цитата из второй главы:

Karza soon came to the beach, walking up behind her. She turned around, getting a full ful of his chest, a view she happened to be quite pleased with. "My eyes are up here," he said.

“Sorry,” she said, finding his hair to be an even better view.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Of course,” she said. “I just wanted some fresh air.”

“Okay,” he said as she sat down on the sand, burying her feet into it.

“Oh, this feels nice,” she said, lifting her foot up and examining the sand getting in between her toes. To calm down, she focused on her foot. Of course, if some creep was staring at it right now, she’d kicked the bastard with that foot. To her, there was something about never wearing shoes again that was oddly liberating, aside from wearing the bare minimum of a standard-issue jungle girl outfit.

Okay, part of it was practical, because wearing shoes in a hot and humid rainforest would mean some pretty bad athlete’s foot. But as a jungle girl, she was connected to nature, and going barefoot was both symbolic and literal. Also the Teo, being related to the Maori, have a strong cultural and social emphasis on going barefoot, so much so that it’s the biggest reason Karza, himself a Teo adoptee, goes barefoot.

It’s also more comfortable. But, her soles were… kinda dirty. She needed to wash ‘em off, so she got up and put her feet in the surf. She forgot there were a few calluses on her feet, so she cringed when the saltwater hit her soles. However, she relaxed and felt the dirt washing off. Of course, in the year she has not worn a pair of shoes, the skin on her soles has gotten stronger, providing her with better grip on the trees, dirt, etc.

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